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Greenfield IT infrastructure projects.
“With the help of Flux IT Ports, we were able to automate processes that were manual at the beginning although they were not reached by the Navis system. Flux IT Ports experience in N4 is also very important to give support to different needs we aimed at solving.” JOSÉ IGNACIO HORTAL, PROJECT MANAGER - PUERTO LIRQUEN
“El Go Live fue toda una experiencia para nosotros, y puntualmente en lo que refiere a Flux IT Ports, fue impecable. Nos sentimos acompañados y apoyados: nos ayudaron a resolver problemas, no solamente en lo que tenía que ver con Break Bulk Mobile, sino también con otras cuestiones técnicas. Destaco de ellos la metodología de trabajo ágil, el contacto constante y también que son súper flexibles.” DANTE BATTAGLIA, SUBGERENTE DE OPERACIONES TPA





Red Hat is a leader in the development and support of opensource products. Together we build a strategic relationship, where Red Hat provides building blocks and Flux IT the know-how to use them.

Based on the use of free software, with corporate support suitable for the needs of large companies, Flux IT implements Red Hat products: Jboss AS, JBPM, JBoss FUSE, Hibernate, among others.

This alliance allows to offer quality solutions due to the added value that the synergy between both companies brings. TecPlata, Sancor and Ultramar are some of our customers who relied on this alliance.



The experience, knowledge and ability to solve critical needs of the terminals consolidated us as Navis Services Partners, being unique in Latin America.

As a certified NAVIS provider, Flux IT Ports offers various services on Navis N4, such as customization, custom development and configurations through its custom groovy scripts, reports design, EDI, etc.) as well as solutions to fully integrated with the Navis Sparcs N4 & Billing modules.

Port terminals throughout Latin America rely on Flux IT to implement Navis solutions.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies

The synergy of this alliance enhances the digital transformation of customers, obtaining the best of CA Technologies' World Class products, along with all the technical expertise of Flux IT. This partnership allows to generate a comprehensive offer of technological consulting and high quality products to improve the performance of development teams.

Deploying DevCenter products allows you to streamline application development, optimize services and align IT investment with your business.