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Flux IT Ports was part of Go Live for Business Portal TAS in SPRBUN, Colombia


In March, we began the first  vessel operation with Business Portal TAS, developed by Flux IT Ports and customized for the needs of Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura (a multi- purpose terminal which can store up to 19,298 Teus daily).

SPRBUN acquired this Flux IT Ports solution within the framework of a technological evolution process which included the implementation of TOS Navis N4.

This portal (with which over 1,000 users operated) gathers management of all services rendered by the Terminal, such as the coordination of delivery and load removal in general as well as special services requests for load (inspection, re- weighing) and management of loose load. In order to do this, it has an advanced system for the setting and availability of schedule and planning of internal capacity in storehouse. Moreover, it integrates with Navis N4 and other satellital systems in an imperceptible manner for the end-user simplifying user experience.

Besides this, we built a mobile application for robust tablets (with Android system), which gives support to the process of inspection in SPRBUN. The app carries out the process  record in the patio and prepares the final report issuing a workflow for authorizations.

Finally, our teams redesigned the port situation module, available in the Terminal website. It has an interactive map to view in real time the status of motor ships in quay, as announced, confirmed, anchored and set sailed, giving detailed information on each of them.


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