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TecPlata: first ship landfall processed and managed using “Business Portal”

ICTSI Group, world leader in container ports and terminals, has invested in Argentina's regional development.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, global businesses in general have experienced constant growth [1], and the situation in Argentina has not been any different. Over the last few years, the local exports volume has been growing continually [2, 3]. This global scenario is favorable for those market players directly involved in trading, and also for those who provide international business support, such as container terminals.

With more than 28 terminals all over the world, ICTSI Group, world leader in container ports and terminals, has invested in Argentina’s regional development by opening the container terminal TecPlata in La Plata Port, Buenos Aires [4]. This terminal was developed as a startup business in the city of Berisso, La Plata. The whole premises were built from scratch, including state-of-the-art technology in cranes, scales, a scanning system, and more. The concession to build and develop this container terminal is of great value for the region, because it promotes foreign trade and provides jobs for many members of the community, while also encouraging local work to improve the city’s infrastructure. The terminal location offers a strategic advantage regarding the reception and distribution of containers: on the one hand, ships require less travelling, since they no longer need to go all the way to Buenos Aires City; and on the other, carrier trucks generate less traffic congestion.

Flux IT Ports was called in to participate in this startup from the very beginning of the project. Our team has served as a technical partner in charge of developing a tool to simplify the management of the terminal’s main business processes —imports and exports coordination, online payments, carrier trucks’ data management, etc.— for the benefit of the terminal’s main players —customs brokers, carrier trucks, customers, vessel agencies, and personnel.

With this goal in mind, the Flux IT Ports team began by soaking up as much information as possible on the terminal’s internal processes, and then developed the user-based solution called TecPlata Online [5]. The three main objectives were:

to put an end to the onsite paperwork done at the help desk with customs brokers and customers;

to simplify the coordination and online payments of the services provided by the terminal, such as imports and exports coordination; and

to offer a competitive advantage by providing a robust, intuitive and user-friendly product, which truly understands the needs of container terminal end-users.

Our solution was launched on the same day as the terminal received its first ship; July 8th, 2015. Since then, TecPlata Online has been the preferred method of communication, used by customs brokers and terminal personnel alike to complete all transactions involving container ships.

TecPlata Online provides unique features not seen at any other terminal in all Latin America. It combines Sparcs N4 [6], Interbanking’s digital billing system Interfacturas [7], and PWS [8] for validating the containers’ legal status. Sparcs N4 serves as the container terminal operating system, providing management support for all container internal tasks —container reception, internal movements, services, and even billable charges processing. Interbanking’s Interfacturas solution guarantees correct billing processes, and validates customer payments.

Today, Flux IT Ports remains committed to this project, and continues to collaborate with TecPlata on the evolution of this solution.

After this experience, other ICTSI Group terminals such as Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana S.A. de CV (OPC) [9] and Sociedad Puerto Industrial del Aguadulce S.A. (SPIA) [10] have also adopted the concept developed by Flux IT Ports in order to improve their customers’ experience, boost their service sales, and gain added value.

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