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TPA implemented Break Bulk Platform

In September, Terminal Portuaria Arica (TPA) shifted its operating system by to Navis N4 together with a suite of Flux IT Ports solutions; among them, the general cargo management module Break Bulk Platform.

TPA specializes in managing containerized cargo and break bulk from Chile and Bolivia, having to satisfy complex business rules. This implementation (unique in Latin America) manages uniformly both containerized and general cargo information in the TOS since the go live. The combination of Break Bulk Platform and Navis N4 allows to manage the stock of general cargo, and systematize the delivery and reception of break-bulk cargo (boxes, pallets, big bags, packages or consolidated cargo), both for storage in the facility or direct shipment.

Moreover, in order to optimize the terminal operations, our teams worked on a customized version of Navis N4 system, which includes reports of key performance indicators (KPI), and a powerful extension to handle Unique Port Documents (a chilean documentation), as well as an application to support gate operations.

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