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Bulk Hub

Bulk Hub is a digital product that allows you to optimize the break bulk management while adapting to your terminal’s workflow in order to enhance the efficiency of your operations.

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Bulk Hub integrates with the TOS and the terminal’s technology ecosystem.

It has a user-friendly interface based on the terminal users’ needs.

It supports the break bulk workflow in the whole terminal (gates, yards and warehouses).


Discharge / Unloading

It simplifies unloading operations while adding suggestions. It allows you to control unloaded quantities and commodity types.


It takes the information recorded on the planned Bill of Lading for the operation and it supports the Strip and Stuff operations.


Taking the applied tags as a reference, it allows you to locate the cargo for easy recognition and to record inspections and damages in the warehouse to track the cargo within the terminal.

Reception/ Loading (coming soon)

It simplifies reception and loading operations through suggestions, allowing you to control unloaded quantities and commodity types.

Consolidation (coming soon)

It takes all the information about the goods and allows you to carry out the stuffing operations both directly and indirectly.

Activity Records (coming soon)

It keeps a record of machinery shutdown (breakdown, shift changes, movement to a different cargo hold). These changes must be recorded to later build a work report.

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